The Save-A-Patriot Fellowship has joined the Truth Attack effort, and the organizers of the Truth Attack have joined in on the Fellowship's effort to put the radio network back on the air. As the Fellowship's motto says:

Together We Stand Or Separately You Are Stood On!!

John Baptist Kotmair, Jr., Fiduciary



July 20, 2007


We are on the beach and now it's time to start enlarging our beachhead by adding some new activities. As expected, the recent acquittal in Tom Cryer's case has gone unreported, so we have to spread the news. Tell everyone.

Keep those letters going out every two weeks and don't forget emailing. But now you can include the Not Guilty verdict in your letters as proof that we are on the right track because Tom's message to the jury was exactly what our message is to the world. There is no law making the average American liable for any income tax; our personal earnings are not profit, i.e., income; and our fundamental, God-given, constitutionally protected right to earn a living through any lawful occupation is beyond taxation, EXEMPT!

Find one additional family to do the same every week, even if you have to print and send them for them. Just one household a week!


TA will be posting the transcript of Tom Cryer's trial on the web site for you and your neighbors and friends to download and read for free. There's only one hitch: We don't have the $1600 to pay for it, yet.

But... T-Trooper Bob Gregory gave us a great idea by suggesting that we offer the "notorious notebook" as a gift for contributions to pay for the transcript.

For those who missed Larry and Tom's RBN programs or haven't heard about this little twist in the trial, it happened after Tom finished laying the law out clear as a bell and wringing wet with the truth. The judge noted that Tom had a three-ring binder containing all of the authorities boiled down to raw, uncut, unavoidable law-his trial notes-sitting in front of him. The judge demanded that he be shown the notebook and declared that Tom's materials were "discoverable" material. The only problem, of course, is that they were his work product, not discoverable, and the government had not made a motion for discovery.

The judge called the prosecutor up front and all but directed him to move for reciprocal discovery and ordered Tom and Larry to turn the notebook over to the government so it could review Tom's trial notes overnight. Larry, knowing that the notes could do nothing but demoralize the government, quickly agreed to do so and the notebook AND Tom's outline of his testimony (including traps reserved for the government's cross examination) were handed over.

The effect on the prosecution the next morning was apparent. Tom had traps set for every point that the government intended to cross him on, but by getting the list of traps in advance the government did not venture into any of those areas it was counting on "hitting" him with. The cross examination, which was expected to take at least an hour or two, lasted no more than fifteen minutes and the prosecution was unable to lay a glove on him

Now, thanks to Bob's idea, in order to raise the money to buy the transcript so we can all have it to read, free of charge, we are offering a free CD for each $50 contribution toward the cost of the transcript. The CD will contain the entire contents of Tom's "notorious notebook", his testimony outline and his "templates" showing the scope of regulatory authority, taxing authority and the income tax (all matching up perfectly). If you would like a copy of the "notorious notebook", help us pay for the transcript and we'll send you one. Be sure to enter "transcript cost" in the "for" line for paypal contributions or make a notation, "transcript" if you contribute by snail mail (address on the web site).

Note: TA is a non-profit corporation. It is not in the tax honesty "business" and will be posting quarterly statements on its web site showing you exactly what has been contributed and where every penny was spent.


Many of the following additional activities you can do are from T-Troopers just like you. If you have an idea that is working on getting past the public's 'belief resistors' get it to us so we can let everyone else know.


Public discussion is the embryo of public opinion. The Shreveport Times article produced over sixty comments on the paper's web site in only a few hours. D. C. Wornock and Anson Chi both posted the news of Tom's acquittal on blog sites and the response was fast and vigorous, and FAVORABLE. Give them something to talk about.

There are literally thousands of blog spots on the net and each of us knows a number of them. Copy and paste the following into as many blog posts as you can and step back and watch the crowd gather around it:

Tom Cryer, a Shreveport, LA, trial attorney who has refused to file tax returns for years was recently acquitted of evasion and willful failure to file charges filed against him by the federal government. At the trial Tom told the jury that there is no law making him liable for the income tax; that his fees, personally earned by his own labor, were not "income" as defined by the Supreme Court; and that if any income was derived from his labor any such income is exempt (and excluded by the code and regulations) because they are derived from a non-taxable activity, i.e., the exercise of a God-given fundamental right, our Constitutionally protected right to earn a living by any lawful occupation.

To learn more about these issues and Tom's case go to and To see Tom's videos on the Truth about the income tax laws, go to and enter "Tom Cryer" in the search box.


In an attempt to counter a flood of IRS disinformation and propaganda targeted at the Shreveport area just before Tom's trial, Truth Attack had some "yard" signs made saying "WHAT INCOME TAX?". These few signs, posted at busy intersections by T- Troopers Bobby Lane and Johnny Leger, produced a notable spike in the hits on the TA web site. After Tom's trial those signs were given to the T- Troopers who attended the trial and posted at various high volume sites all the way back to Texas (Anson Chi and Gary Ryun), Arkansas (D. C. Wornock), Mississippi (Bruce Ollie) and even as far away as Virginia (Joe Powers) and other points south (Frank Rambin) [apologies to any we missed].

We are looking into having many more signs made and available at our cost of replacement, but until funds allow you can have some signs made at your local sign or banner shop. They don't have to be fancy, even card stock signs, so long as they are easy to read at a distance and placed where the greatest number of people will see them.


Truckers play a vital role in keeping our goods on the shelves, whether to sell or to buy. They can also play an important role in delivering the Truth to the unaware public.


A trucker who called in to Tom Cryer's radio program on RBN had a fantastic idea. He had a large sign made and placed on the back of his trailer. How many times do you think that sign gets read? How many places does this rolling billboard go? The message can be as simple as the small "yard" signs. A great idea for you truckers on the Truth Attack and for any truckers any of us knows and can recruit into the war against the big lie.


T-Trooper Gary Ryun in Childress, TX, has come up with another way to get the Truth on the road and we're working to capitalize on his idea. Gary makes up a Truth Package consisting of general info on the tax honesty issues and goes to his area (or other, if he is travelling) truck stop. Truckers are away from home and alone and generally welcome any chance to chat with a friendly face.

Gary goes to the restaurant area of the truck stop and hands out the printed material he prepared, inviting truckers to join him for a cup of coffee if they would like to know more. He always gets four or five to take him up on the invitation and explains how the IRS is stealing the fruits of their most "sacred and inviolate property" (the Supreme Court), their labor. Gary Appleseed, casting seeds of truth going to all parts of the country. And Gary says it's actually fun meeting people from distant places. Isn't this supposed to be "work"?

We are going to expand on this brilliant idea by posting audio from Tom's videos on the web site in a new "DOWNLOADS" section so that Gary and you can download the audio and burn it onto CD's to give these truckers to listen to on the road and share with other truckers. Until we do, though, you can print out a simple sheet listing out the key facts to hand out and do as Gary is doing.


T-Trooper Pat Fale in Idaho has used email to spread the word without having to mention a word. Pat has added the following to the signature block that is attached to every email:

                 Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of ALL
                 that threaten it!  JOIN THE FIGHT!


This is a great idea! You can put your own message according to your favorite flavor. Just make sure you include those two sites that provide a basic understanding of the issues and show that the truth can win. Once you've made that addition to your signature block everything you email and every place that email is forwarded carries a 'bumper sticker' telling people where to find the Truth.


News of our recent victory in Tom's case received a mention and a two minute cameo by Tom on the George Noory Coast to Coast talk radio program that has an audience of millions across the country. George says he wants to have Tom on the show to explain what happened and how he beat the IRS, and that would give a great boost to TA.

So, to follow up and keep this issue fresh on their minds, email Coast to Coast, using your own words, indicating that you would like to hear the rest of the story that was touched on by Tom's very brief appearance on the show. Let them know that there is a lot of interest in the sham income tax and the IRS's theft by deception and that you want to know what is going on. What did Tom do that kept his case from ending up like Ed and Elaine Brown's case in New Hampshire?

You can write the show at and George's producer at Again, use your own words, make it personal to you, since identical notes will be disregarded as form letters.


All of these ideas are terrific ways we can all get the Truth into the arena of public discussion and make it an issue. Every major change in the law and in the government has been accomplished ONLY after the people have made a major issue of the matter.

So, even if you can add only one or two of the activities our T-Troopers are coming up with, you will be making a big difference because you are going to make people talk and when people have talked awhile they may even start to think. Make them talk, make them think, and they will recognize the Truth just like those twelve jurors knew the Truth when they heard it from Tom at his trial.



July 13, 2007


In a time when good news is hard to come by, a truck load was delivered this week when a unanimous NOT GUILTY verdict was handed down by a jury following a hotly contested and hard fought trial on Tom Cryer's case. Hallelujah!! Never again doubt the power of prayer and hard work.

Nationally renowned tax defense attorney Larry Becraft was lead counsel backed up by long-time tax honesty advocate attorney George Harp. Larry turned in a flawless performance. Efforts by the government to prevent any testimony and evidence about the law resulted in rulings that prevented them from introducing any law or IRS procedural rules and Tom was not permitted to read to the jury from any of the key Supreme Court decisions. But those exclusions and limitations were repeatedly overcome as Larry and Tom shifted tactics and examination techniques to get the truth out for the jury to hear. Having two seasoned trial lawyers presenting the truth from both the podium and the witness box was a rare combination that was nothing less than a thing of beauty and Larry's closing argument was truly compelling, placing the perfect "cherry" on top of a brilliantly conducted trial.

Tom Cryer's testimony was inspirational as he clearly laid out his study of the law and the sequence of his conclusions, each leading to the next. At one point the entire courtroom was spellbound as Tom gave a passionate and heartfelt explanation of how his fundamental rights, including his right to earn a living, were not from the Constitution-not from the government-but from his Creator, and that he received those rights with the first tiny breath of air he sucked into his lungs in 1949.

Truth Troopers came to attend the trial from as far away as Virginia, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and elsewhere as well as friends and associates of Tom's from Shreveport. These patriots, who the government perceives as a bunch of wild-eyed radicals and scofflaws, sat quietly and conducted themselves in a truly dignified manner, lending credibility and substance to the message of the truth and belying the government's portrayal of the community. We are proud of each and every one of them.

For the play-by-play account of the trial you can tune in to Larry Becraft's and Tom Cryer's Republic Broadcasting Network programs this Saturday ( Both Larry and Tom will be on their two RBN programs and they will be taking questions at 800-313-9443.

Larry Becraft's RBN show "airs" from 9-10 a.m. Central and Tom's from 2-4 p.m. Central. A lot of the trial went on behind the scenes and you can be assured that there will be plenty of stories and tidbits of what actually goes on that even those attending could not see or hear. (Check the archives link for these programs after their broadcast date.)

NOTE: Tom Cryer has asked us to remind everyone that his victory is not a ticket to take on the beast single-handed. He warns that his course of action is too risky for most and that fighting together, protected by the First Amendment, is the best avenue for us to pursue. He says the antidote for a lie is the Truth.


Although Tom Cryer has won an amazing victory for the cause of truth and the restoration of the rule of law, the battle was not won without paying a steep price. His practice has been ruined and he has incurred expenses he still has to meet. He is having to start all over again and we can help. Please do what you can, no matter how much or how little, by going to and clicking "Send Help".

You can donate to the cause on line through the paypal link or you can send help to Tom's defense fund at the address provided.


Tom Cryer's victory proves that we can win. People WILL listen and CAN recognize the Truth when they hear it. But spreading that message is not free. Now is exactly the time to capitalize on this sensational news.

The recent request for Twenty FRN's (about $1.54) has resulted in roughly five percent of us sending in this badly needed help. All Tom Cryer risked was everything he had, so can't we ALL risk twenty "whatever those are?" Please (but as always, only if you can do so without financial injury) chip in to help TA follow through on this immense step forward. On line through the web site or send to Truth Attack, 4348 Youree Drive, Shreveport, LA 71105


TA needs to know of each and every IRS civil and criminal proceeding ("Hot Spots") in the country. If you know of any proceedings, please obtain the following details:

    * Name of the proceeding (U.S. v. Vic Tum)
    * Court (Lower District of Elbonia)

And mail it to This will allow us to include the proceeding in the "Hot Spots" page to alert T-Troopers in the area of the next court date for courtroom fills and demonstrations.


DISCLAIMER: Truth Attack (TA) does not provide legal advice nor does it provide any advice on any tax filing procedure or content. TA does not provide or propose any particular tax method, strategy or procedure, nor does it recommend or suggest that anyone refuse to file tax returns or pay taxes. The information provided and disseminated by TA being purely for the purpose of informing the public of the truth regarding the income tax law and of its fundamental rights under the Constitution as defined and interpreted by the United States Supreme Court.

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